Flying Window Tinting has been open since 1985. Steven Hopkinson purchased Orlando Flying Window Tinting in 1998. Steven has been window tinting since 1994, that's 24 years! We have used Llumar film since then. Steven is an owner-operator and inspects each car that leaves our Orlando Window Tinting shop making sure it up to his quality standard. At Flying Window Tinting we guarantee 100% satisfaction. We specialize in auto tint application and utilize a computer precision cutting system for perfect cuts, every time.


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Precision Cut Window Tint!

computer cut window tint

( improves quality installation by over 60% of hand-cut tint shops )
Flying Window Tinting was one of the 1st auto tint shops in Orlando to get the computer cut window tint system . It's a game changer for auto tinting. With manufacturers reducing the weight of the glass they use it's made auto-glass less dense, which makes it very easy to scratch if we were to cut tint on your car with a blade like other Orlando window tinters. With computer cut tint there's no chance of any damage to your automobile.


  • all edges and curves will match and all doors.
  • zero chance of cutting the glass or rubbers on your car.
  • there no need to have a knife anywhere near your car.
  • you'll never see any seams, light-gaps, paint fillers and all rear windows in 1 piece.

Made in the USA

Llumar Window Tint Films

Made in the USA


Flying Window Tinting has been using Llumar film since 1998. Llumar is made in the USA. Llumar is one of the few window films that stand up to the Florida heat. If you are north of Georgia tint quality doesn't matter much. But in Florida, temperatures in cars can reach up to 150 degrees. LLumar is also the innovator of newer technology like ceramic film that is lighter but keeps out more heat. They also give a rock-solid lifetime warranty which covers parts and labor. Many brands only cover parts, not labor. You can trust your car to Llumar to add value to your car. If you sell your car and tell them its Llumar it gives it extra value. LLUMAR.COM

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