10 Benefits of the Window Tint Orlando Residents Recommend

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When it comes to window tint Orlando residents recommend for their vehicles, Flying Window Tinting carries the one professional window tint brand that offers it all – Llumar. If you’ve never tinted your car windows before, however, you might be wondering what benefits come from adding the window tint Orlando recommends to your car windows and how Llumar film exceeds the quality of other brands used by other shops…

10 Benefits of the Window Tint Orlando Residents Recommend

1. UVA Protection

The Llumar ATC series of window tint Orlando residents choose most often provides 99% UVA protection. This is important because UVA exposure has been linked to signs of premature aging, skin cancer, and damage to the eye.

2. Reduced Interior Fading

A top quality window tint film, Llumar window tint film is designed to reduce interior fading of your car (console, dashboard, seats, etc.) that results from sun exposure. This helps your car to retain better value over time.

3. Electronics Friendly

If you had your car windows tinted decades ago, you may recall the trouble that tinting films caused for car phone reception and even radio signals. Times have changed since then and Llumar films were designed with our increased technological dependence in mind. Llumar ATC films do not block radio signals and allow for the unsullied use of your electronics!

4. Reduced Glare

One of the biggest draws of Orlando is the incredible weather, but when it comes to driving the glare of that bright summer sun can be irritating at best. Fortunately, the full Llumar range of car window tints block out that annoying glare and allow for safer and more comfortable driving!

5. A Lifetime Nationwide Guarantee

When you invest in Llumar window tint Orlando residents recommend, you aren’t just purchasing a one-time installation relationship. When you invest in Llumar window tint films, your films are protected by a lifetime, nationwide guarantee. This means that your window tint films installed by Flying Window Tint are covered for LIFE!

6. Lower Car Interior Temperature

When you rely on Orlando window tint shop to install your Llumar films, you aren’t just investing in the personal benefits of tinting your car windows, you are also investing in the life of your car’s air conditioning system! With superior heat rejection, Llumar films keep the interior temperature of your car down even when your car is parked and that means great news for your car’s AC system!

7. No Fading

If you ever invested in poor quality window tinting films, then you have, no doubt, seen the purple coloration that they take on over time. This discoloration is the result of sun exposure and poor quality window tinting films being unable to effectively reflect the sun’s rays. Llumar window tints, however, use modern technological principles to ensure that your car window tints never recreate that 1980’s look!

8. Scratch Resistant Coating

Many car window tint films claim to feature a scratch resistant coating that makes sure that your car’s window tinting film doesn’t become easily damaged. Unfortunately, many of these claims are simply untrue and many car owners experience unsightly cracking and scratching of their car window films. Llumar, however, is a top quality brand of window tint Orlando has trusted for decades and their window tinting films are guaranteed not to scratch!

9. Shatter Resistance

Many car window tinting films claim to offer shatter resistance in vehicle windows after their film has been applied. Unfortunately, a vast number of these film production companies are offering exaggerated claims. Llumar car window tint, however, has proven time and again that their films really are shatter resistant!

10. Infrared Ray Reduction

Infrared rays come from the sun and are felt by our own skin as heat. Infrared rays cannot be seen with the naked eye, however, which means that drivers are at their mercy. Fortunately, with Llumar window tint films, infrared ray intrusion in your vehicle can be reduced considerably and this makes for a more comfortable driving experience!

Ready to Install that Car Window Tint Orlando Recommends?

If you’re convinced that high-quality Llumar window tints are right for you, then drop in and pay us a visit here at Flying Window Tinting Orlando! We carry a full range of Llumar window tints and our service always meets and exceeds the expectations of our customers! To make your appointment today just give us a call at 833-732-3278!

Car Window Tinting: 5 Drawbacks to DIY Window Tinting Films

car window tinting

Car window tinting isn’t the type of job that you should trust just anyone to do for you…including yourself. Yes, you may be handy with a pocket knife, you may even be a professional scrapbooker, but when it comes to car window tinting you REALLY need to have a professional take care of the installation for you and here are five reasons why!

Car Window Tinting: 5 Drawbacks to DIY Window Tinting Films

1. Knife Cutting Vs. Computerized Cutting

When it comes to car window tinting, applying your own window tint films at home means cutting films to fit your windows with scissors or a knife.

The window tint films you can purchase at most stores are generic films made for windows LIKE your car windows. They are not made specifically for YOUR car windows, which means that you will need to cut them for the best fit. Unfortunately, cutting anything by hand just isn’t a reliable way to cut and you will wind up with wobbly lines, accidental cuts, and often, films that are just too small for your windows!

When you have a professional shop install your car window tinting films for you, if they are a reputable shop like Flying Window Tinting, their films will be cut specifically for YOUR car using computer-guided lasers.

2. Window Tint Film Quality

DIY car window tint films can be purchased from most superstores and auto supply stores, however, the quality of those films is nothing close to that of the professional quality films you can obtain through a professional car window tinting shop.

Here at Flying Window Tinting in Orlando, we rely on Llumar professional quality window tint films and their quality of film is outperformed by no other!

3. DIY Car Window Tinting is a One-Shot Deal

When you purchase DIY car window tinting films you get one set of films and you have one shot to cut those films to the right size and apply them to your car windows. That means that one slip with the scissors or knife and you could ruin your window tint film. It also means that one crooked film installation or one crease during installation and your DIY films are trash!

Conversely, when you invest in professional car window tinting at a shop like ours, you are guaranteed to get professionally installed, smooth, precision cut films for your car windows on every window. You will never walk away unsatisfied!

4. DIY Car Window Tinting is More Expensive in the Longrun

When you purchase car window tinting films for DIY tinting, you may think that you’re saving money because your films are cheaper and you’re not paying for professional installation. This would be true if the majority of DIY car window tinting didn’t go terribly wrong.

The truth of the matter is that most people who attempt DIY car window tinting fail on their first installation attempt. This doesn’t just mean having to pay for another set of films, but often it also means having to have a professional remove the films that were poorly installed. As you can imagine, by this time, you have spent far more than you intended to and the cost only keeps mounting as you reattempt to tint your windows for the second time!

5. Guarantee? What Guarantee?

One of the biggest drawbacks to using DIY car window tinting films on your car windows is that they don’t come with a guarantee. Since you, an untrained amateur, will be installing the window tinting films that you purchased, the manufacturer of the window tinting films simply can’t offer any type of guarantee on their product because it can very easily be installed incorrectly. This means that even if you do install your window tinting films yourself and do it correctly, you won’t have a guarantee against the films wrinkling, peeling, or becoming discolored over time.

When you have your car window tinting done at a professional shop like Flying Window Tinting in Orlando, you receive a full guarantee! Not only are the films themselves covered by that guarantee, but so too is labor so that you never have to worry about losing money on your investment!

Need Car Window Tinting Help?

If you’re convinced that you need car window tinting help from a professional, Flying Window Tinting in Orlando can help! With a shop full of experienced and professionally trained installation experts, Flying Window Tinting can get your job done the right way the first time, every time! Just give us a call today at (407) 380-1202!

Florida Window Tinting: How Window Tint Keeps Your Car Cooler

Florida window tinting

Florida window tinting for your vehicle has quite a few benefits, but have you ever heard people talk about how car window tint can keep the interior temperature of your car down? Wondering how that works? Well, that’s exactly what we’re talking about today!

How Florida Window Tinting Keeps Your Car Temperature Down

Today we’re going to talk a little bit about the science behind Florida window tinting. More specifically, how tinting the windows of your car can keep the interior temperature of your car down!

Solar Energy

The total solar energy from the sun that we are exposed to here on Earth is comprised of three types of radiant energy: visible light, ultraviolet light, and infrared light.

The light spectrum of the radiation that we receive from the sun here on Earth ranges. We are most familiar with ultraviolet radiation and infrared radiation, but we often confuse the two.

Ultraviolet radiation is the radiation which is harmful to us as humans and causes damage to our skin. Ultraviolet radiation is at one end of the light spectrum. 3% of the total solar energy from the sun is ultraviolet energy.

Infrared radiation is the radiation which produces heat. Infrared radiation is at the opposite end of the light spectrum to ultraviolet radiation. 53% of the total solar energy from the sun is infrared energy.

The effects of ultraviolet and infrared radiation are hard to disconnect from each other because we often feel that the sunburn we experience from ultraviolet light is associated with the heat we feel from infrared radiation. In truth, ultraviolet light cannot be felt.

So, how does Florida window tinting come into play? 

When a Florida window tinting company like Flying Window Tinting uses high-quality window tinting films like Llumar, those films are designed to reject heat by rejecting infrared radiation and to protect your skin against sun damage by rejecting ultraviolet rays.

The ability of a window tinting film to reject heat by rejecting infrared radiation is referred to as “IR Rejection”. This heat rejection is measured as a percentage. So, for example, if a window tinting film rejects 33% of infrared rays it means that that film is rejecting 33% of the 53% of the total solar energy that comes from infrared rays. So, this film would reduce the overall level of infrared solar rays and reduce the amount of total solar energy.

Florida window tinting shops don’t just use window films that reduce infrared radiation, though, they use top quality window tinting films that further reduce total solar energy by rejecting visible light and absorbing a percentage of total solar energy.

In addition to stopping a percentage of infrared rays from passing through the windows of your car, top quality window tint films like Llumar also reject a percentage of ultraviolet rays. The rejection of UV rays then reduces the amount of fading and damage caused to the interior of your car as a result of UV ray exposure.

So, in short, when you choose a reputable Florida window tinting company to install your car window tint films, you are reducing the effects of total solar energy on the interior of your car. This is done by rejecting visible light, rejecting UV rays, rejecting infrared rays, and absorbing total solar energy.

Now, choosing a less reputable Florida window tinting shop almost always means choosing lower quality window tinting films. Lower quality films don’t just mean that your car’s window tinting film won’t fit well and won’t look great, it also means that those films don’t reduce the amount of total solar energy in the same way that Llumar films do. So, those cheaper films on your car windows may save you a few bucks in the short term, but in the long-run, they can result in damage a lot worse than the few dollars that you’ll save. Your skin will be exposed to higher levels of UV rays, resulting in damage to your skin (possibly even skin cancer), your car interior will be damaged and cracked by UV rays, your car’s air conditioning system will be taxed to the max with increased exposure to infrared rays that increase the interior temperature of your car, and without a reduction in glare provided by Llumar films, you may very easily experience an accident while on the road!

Looking For Florida Window Tinting Professionals to Tint Your Car Windows?

If you’re looking for a Florida window tinting shop to tint your car windows professionally, Flying Window Tinting can help! Just pick up the phone and make an appointment with one of our skilled technicians today by dialing (407) 380-1202!

South Semoran Car Window Tint Shop, Flying Window Tinting

Semoran car window tint

If you’ve passed the South Semoran car window tint shop and are trying to find out what it’s called, then you’ve found yourself in the right place! That’s us!

Flying Window Tinting South Semoran Car Window Tint Shop

Located at 187 S Semoran Blvd. in Orlando, Florida, Flying Window Tinting offers professional car window tinting services for vehicles of all makes and models.

Opened in 1998, Flying Window Tinting has long been the go-to location for Florida car owners seeking professional window tint film application. Why do people travel near and far to have us install their tinted window film?

We Use Llumar Window Tint Film

Some car window tinting shops in Orlando use cheap window tinting films that you can buy yourself at the local megastore. Here at Orlando Flying Window Tinting in our South Semoran car window tint shop, we only use Llumar window tinting film. The best of the best, Llumar car window film doesn’t just stand up to the heat of the Florida sun, but it also comes with a lifelong warranty that covers parts and labor! Plus, adding Llumar window tint to your car windows will increase your car’s resale value!

Our South Semoran Car Window Tint Shop Only Hires the Best

Where other amateur shops hire anyone and everyone to cut and apply car window tint film, we believe that a good window tint installation requires talent. That’s why we only hire select technicians to work at our shop and we require them to regularly prove the quality of their work to ensure that we are providing you with only the best service available. We also regularly spend time with our technicians making sure that they master the most recent application techniques and know about the most recent Llumar window tint products on the market!

We Computer Cut Our Tinted Window Films

Some window tinting shops cut their window tint films by hand and this leads to uneven cuts and films that don’t precisely fit your windows. Here at our South Semoran car window tint shop, we computer cut all of our window tint films to be sure that they fit your car windows and not the general specifications of your car model. This means that your window tint film will cover your windows perfectly and there will be no uneven cut lines at the top or bottom of your windows! It also means that at no point will there ever be a knife near to your car so you don’t have to worry about damage to your car during the installation process.

We Don’t Leave Your Car Windows with Bubbles, Lines, or Imperfections

Because we only use professional car window tint installation technicians and because we have a professional film installation shop, you never have to worry that your window films are going to have bubbles, lines, or imperfections. Unlike the do it yourself kits that require you to adhere the films yourself and that cheap Orlando car window tint shop that just slaps your window tint films on the windows, we install your films with professional skill using precision tuned tools and we take all the time needed to get your films installed perfectly.

We Are Affordable

We aren’t the cheapest car window tint installation shop because we use only the best quality window tint films and skilled installation technicians, but our services are still priced to fit every budget. We don’t believe that you have to sacrifice every penny you were paid this month to put high quality, professionally installed films on your car windows.

We Are Open Late

Where other car window tinting shops close at 5 or 6 and leave you no time to get your car windows tinted after work, we know that sometimes the evening hours are all you have! That’s why we are open from 9 am to 7 pm every weekday!

Have a Question For Our South Semoran Car Window Tint Shop?

If you have a question about car window tinting for our South Semoran car window tint shop, just pick up the phone and give us a call at (407) 380-1202! We will do everything we can to answer your questions and address your concerns and then set you up with an appointment for your car window tint installation as soon as possible!

Car Window Tinting Cost: Is It Worth It?

car window tinting cost

Car window tinting cost…it’s something that every potential client asks about here at Orlando Flying Window Tinting, so we thought that we’d address the topic today here on our blog. Is the cost of car window tinting worth it?

Car Window Tinting Cost: The Basics

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for when it comes to car window tinting cost estimates. The cheaper your estimate, the lower the quality of the work you have done will be. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you have to choose the most expensive quote for your car’s window tint, but it does mean that you should be wary of the cheapest quote.

When seeking out a quote for car window tinting cost, it’s important to know what you are looking for so that you can get the most accurate quote. What do we mean? Well, before you call or visit a car window tinting location, know the answers to these questions:

  • What are you looking for from your car window tint? Do you want clear tint, dark tint, heat reduction, reflective properties, or protection from UV ray exposure? What are your “must haves”? These will influence the cost of your tint because certain features are more costly.
  • What is the make, model, and year of your car?
  • Does your car already have tinted windows either from the manufacturer or from previous window tinting film? This can influence whether you can tint your car windows (state laws limit the tint percentage of your car windows) and it can influence the cost of your tint if technicians have to remove existing films before installing new ones.
  • Do you want all of your car windows tinted, just the windshield, or some other combination of windows?
  • Are you on a deadline? If you need to “rush” your car window tinting job some shops may charge additional fees, some shops may simply be too busy to complete rush jobs, and other shops may do rush jobs without any additional charge.
  • Do you want a car window tint that comes with a warranty? Cheaper car window tinting cost estimates often do not include any type of warranty or guarantee on the tint which can be problematic. It is always best to purchase a car window tint option that comes with a lifetime warranty so that you can protect your investment.

Car Window Tinting Cost: What You’re Actually Paying For

What do you get when you pay that car window tinting cost? It all depends on the window tinting shop you select. Here at Orlando Flying Window Tinting, we like you to know exactly what you’re paying for when you invest in our car window tint services.

When you select our shop for your car window tinting needs, you are paying for:

  • Experienced car window tint installation experts. We don’t trust amateurs to install your car window tint and neither should you.
  • High-quality window tinting film. We don’t use cheap tint film because it just doesn’t look good, doesn’t stand up to the test of time, and it doesn’t offer the same protections that better quality films do. (You can learn more about our window tint options on our site here.)
  • Custom cut car window films cut specifically for your vehicle. We don’t use pre-cut films that are cut to general shapes and sizes, we want your window films to fit like a glove.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction! Orlando Flying Window Tinting guarantees 100% satisfaction on all of our window tinting jobs. What does that mean? It means that you don’t leave our shop unless you’re absolutely satisfied with your new car window tint films.
  • A lifetime window tint film warranty. We use Llumar car window tint film at Orlando Flying Window Tinting and one of the reasons that we do is because they offer a lifetime window tint film warranty on parts and labor. Other window tinting films only carry a parts warranty, but we chose to use Llumar because we want to give our clients the very best coverage and quality guarantee.

Car Window Tinting Cost: Why It’s Not As Much As You Think

Depending on the features you choose for your car window tint cost estimate, you may feel a little overwhelmed by the total. Of course, the features that you select will influence that cost estimate and you can always work with your car window tinting technicians to find a solution that works with your budget.

Here at Flying Window Tinting Orlando, we keep our prices fair without cutting quality, so you will never find us offering you the cheapest price quote, but you will find our quotes to be affordable.

We know that it’s hard not to choose the cheapest car window tinting cost estimate, but when you break down estimates from shops like ours, you’re really not paying as much as you think.

Take a look at those cheap car window tinting shops in Orlando. You may pay a few bucks less, but what are you getting for that cost? A quick run through an assembly line where pre-cut films are slapped onto your car windows and where you’re sent on your way.

Now take a look at shops like ours where you may pay a little more, how does our service compare? You will get custom cut window tinting films that are carefully applied by technicians with years of experience. You get no bubbles, no creases, no seams, and no gaps. You get window tint film that is legal according to Florida tint laws. You get window tint film and labor that is guaranteed for a lifetime.

So, you tell us…is it worth it to pay a little extra money to get crystal clear window tint films that fit your car perfectly and carry a lifetime warranty? We know that we’d much prefer that kind of service than cheap films that are likely to bubble, turn purple in the sun, and peel and crack! Oh, and did we mention that those cheaper films don’t carry full warranties because they know that their films won’t live up to your expectations.

Car Window Tinting Cost Quotes

If you’re looking for an honest car window tinting cost quote for your vehicle from an experienced and trusted car window tinting shop in Orlando, Orlando Flying Window Tinting Can Help. Pick up the phone and give us a call at (407) 380-1202 for more information or submit an online request using the form located on the bottom of our website’s homepage here.

Orlando Window Tinters Explain Window Tinting Terms You Should Know

Orlando window tinters

As Orlando window tinters, we here at Flying Window Tinting Orlando, know that it’s easy for our customers to get confused by the jargon that we throw around as window tinting professionals. So today, we want to give you a quick rundown of window tinting terms and their definitions so that when you decide to get your car windows tinted locally, you know exactly what’s happening.

Orlando Window Tinters Explain Window Tinting Terms You Should Know

When your car window tinting professional starts talking about tinting your car windows you may hear some of these terms thrown around, here’s what they mean.

Dual-Reflective Film

Dual-reflective film is a film that most people think of as “one-way mirror film”. This is an interior film that is neutral on the inside and reflective on the outside. It’s important to know that each state has laws governing how reflective a window film can be.

Dyed Film

Also known as non-reflective film, this is a film that is colored with dye that is either added to the surface of the film or the film adhesive.


Emissivity refers to the amount of infrared light or radiation is absorbed by the surface of a window tinting film. Lower emissivity numbers mean that less light is absorbed by the film.

Exterior Visible Light Transmission

Exterior visible light transmission is also referred to as VLT and it refers to how much light is able to pass through tinted glass from outside the vehicle. Different states have different legal levels of exterior visible light transmission and if you fail to adhere to those levels, you risk a fine and having to have the film removed from your car windows.

Glare Reduction

Glare reduction refers to how much light is rejected by a window tinting film. Quite simply, this is the opposite of visible light transmission.

Hybrid Film

Hybrid films are window tinting films that combine the processed of dyed films and metalized films to achieve a dual-function film.

Infrared Light

This is a term that you will hear often and frequently we have customers come to us who are embarrassed that they don’t know what infrared light is. Don’t be embarrassed because you’re not alone. Infrared light is electromagnetic radiation that is invisible to the naked eye. When we talk about infrared light, we’re talking about light that has a specific wavelength that is longer than visible light (specifically, a wavelength of between 0.0007 millimeters and 1 millimeter). 

Interior VLT

Interior VLT is also referred to as interior visible light transmission and is used to describe how much visible light can pass through tinted windows from the inside of your vehicle. Most often when we refer to interior VLT, we are talking about a dual-reflective film.

Metalized Film

A metalized window film is a film that has a thin metal layer over the surface of the film. This is beneficial because it decreases the amount of heat that is absorbed by your vehicle and it also helps to protect your car’s interior from fading or sun damage.

Natural Film

Sometimes you may hear your Orlando window tinters refer to what we call a “natural film”. A natural or neutral film is a tint film that does not have a reflective property to it meaning that you can see into and out of the windows once they are tinted.


Reflectance is usually used when referring to total solar reflectance, and it refers to how much heat or light a window tinting film reflects rather than absorbs.

Safety Film

Safety film is a term that is used frequently by manufacturers when they’re marketing their window films. This refers to a window tinting film that is thicker than average (4Mil thick rather than 1.5Mil thick) and increases the glass protection offered by the window tinting film.

Shading Coefficient

The shading coefficient is used to rate the solar properties of a window tinting film. You can obtain a shading coefficient by dividing the amount of solar heat increase that passes through the window film by the same amount that passes through a normal, untinted window. The lower the shading coefficient, the better a window film is at rejecting solar heat.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient

The solar heat gain coefficient is another measurement of solar heat only this time it is a ratio that is derived by dividing the amount of solar heat gain that is transmitted or absorbed through a window film by the amount of normal solar incidence of radiation. Unlike the shading coefficient, the solar heat gain coefficient is measured on a wavelength by wavelength basis. Again, the lower the solar heat gain coefficient of a window tinting film, the better the solar properties of that film are.

Total Solar Absorbance

This refers to the amount of heat and light that is absorbed by a window film that you have installed by your Orlando window tinters.

Total Solar Energy Rejected

This refers to the amount of heat and light that is rejected by a window film that you have installed by your Orlando window tinters.

Total Solar Reflectance

This refers to the amount of heat and light that is reflected by a window film that you have installed by your Orlando window tinters.

Total Solar Transmittance

This refers to the amount of heat and light that is transmitted by a window film that you have installed by your Orlando window tinters.

Looking For Orlando Window Tinters?

Are you on the lookout for experienced Orlando window tinters to make sure that your car window tinting is done professionally? Flying Window Tinting Orlando can help! Just give us a call at (407) 380-1202 to make your appointment today and we guarantee that you’ll be happy with your car’s window tinting!

Orlando Window Tinting Specialists Explain Window Tint Medical Exemptions

orlando window tinting specialists

As Orlando window tinting specialists, we here at Orlando Flying Window Tinting, answer a lot of questions about window tinting on a regular basis. Today we want to tackle one question that people ask quite frequently – exemptions to window tint law.

Orlando Window Tinting Specialists Explain Window Tint Medical Exemptions

We have talked here before about the rules and laws that apply to window tinting and the importance of abiding by those rules and laws when getting your car windows tinted. What we haven’t talked about, however, is exemptions to those rules and laws.

By now you should know from our articles that the laws that govern how dark window tint on your vehicle can be, vary from state to state. Just like these laws, exemptions to these laws also vary from state to state. Since we are Orlando window tinting specialists here at Flying Window Tinting, we are going to concentrate on the laws in the state of Florida.

In the state of Florida, the following laws apply to the window tint you have installed in your car:

  • Non-reflective tint is permitted above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line.
  • Driver’s side window tint must allow more than 28% of light in.
  • Back window tint must allow more than 15% of light in.
  • Rear windshield tint must allow more than 15% of light in.
  • In SUV’s or vans, the darkness of window tint can begin 6 inches from the top of the window.
  • Drivers side window tint must not be more than 25% reflective.
  • Back window tint must not be more than 35% reflective.

The state of Florida does permit exemptions to window tinting under certain conditions. These conditions are based on medical exemptions. Currently, the following conditions may allow for a medical exemption to window tinting laws in Florida:

  • Lupus
  • Dermatomyositis
  • Albinism
  • Vitiligo
  • Xeroderma pigmetosum
  • Other autoimmune disease or medical conditions requiring limited exposure to light.

Before a medical exemption can be made and a darker window tint can be installed, you must have a medical exemption certificate. A certificate costs $6.25 per vehicle, does not expire and cannot be transferred.

To obtain a medical exemption certification, you must submit an application for sunscreening medical exemption. To have your application approved it must be accompanied by a physician’s statement of certification. Only the following medical authorities may provide a physician’s statement of certification:

  • A physician licensed to practice under Chapters 458, 459, or 460, Florida Statutes.
  • A Dermatologist licensed to practice under Chapter 458, Florida Statutes.
  • A Physician who practices medicine in a military medical facility, state hospital or federal prison. (The physician must include the name and address of the facility.)
  • An advanced registered nurse practitioner licensed under Chapter 464, under the protocol of a licensed physician.
  • A Physician assistant licensed under chapter 458 or 459, Florida Statutes.

Why Exemptions Aren’t Made For All Window Tinting Clients By Orlando Window Tinting Specialists

If exemptions can be made to window tinting laws for certain medical conditions, why can’t they be made for everyone?

In the case of medical exemptions, darker window tints are designed to protect individuals in the car from sun exposure. This protection is required due to medical conditions that are exacerbated by exposure to sunlight.

Exemptions are not made for everyone, though, because darker than permitted window tints can pose a number of risks.

  • Having darker than permitted window tint makes it more difficult for law enforcement and security officials to see into a vehicle. This makes it more difficult to identify individuals who pose a risk to public safety.
  • When windows are darker than advised, it’s also difficult for drivers to see outside the vehicle. When the field of view is impaired, this means that a driver is more likely to have an accident after missing obstacles on the road or delayed in their reactions to unexpected events.
  • Darker window tints also pose a risk to you as a driver in the event of an accident. If you were to have an accident that required emergency officials to locate you inside your vehicle to administer life-saving treatment, having excessively tinting windows would make it much harder for them to find you.

Do You Need a Medical Exemption For Window Tinting?

If you have questions as to whether or not you qualify for a medical exemption for car window tinting, talk to your doctor. Only a medical professional can help to make this determination and sign off on the paperwork needed to get your approval.

Already have approval and an exemption certificate but not sure if a window tinting specialist has the ability to help with your window tint installation?

If you have a question about whether or not Orlando window tinting specialists can help you with darker window tint, pick up the phone and give them a call! But make sure that when you do, you have your complete exemption certificate on hand.

Looking For Orlando Window Tinting Specialists?

If you are in need of professional Orlando window tinting specialists to install your car window tint no matter how light or dark, we can help! Give us a call today at (407) 380-1202 to make an appointment with our professionally trained window film installation experts!

Orlando Window Tint Specialists Share How to Avoid a Tinting Nightmare

orlando window tint specialists

As Orlando window tint specialists, here at Orlando Flying Window Tinting, we have plenty of experience tinting car windows. Unfortunately, we also have experience in fixing the car windows of people who have gone with less than reputable companies for their window tinting. So today we want to share advice on how to avoid this kind of window tinting nightmare!

Orlando Window Tint Specialists Share How to Avoid a Window Tinting Nightmare!

Don’t Do It Yourself

Do it yourself car window tinting is never a good option. Not only do you lack the experience to properly fit window tint film yourself, but the tints that you purchase in-store are far from the professional tints available at professional shops. These “over-the-counter” films are not cut specifically to fit your car windows which means that they aren’t a perfect fit. So, not only are you getting window tint films that aren’t ideal for your vehicle, but you are also going to experience difficulties like bubbling and wrinkling of the tint if you don’t know what you are doing during installation.

Don’t Go With Cheap Window Tint Film

Whether you do your own installation or whether you have a window tint shop do the installation for you, don’t go with cheap window tint film! Reputable Orlando Window Tint specialists will invest only in high-quality window tint film so if the shop you choose carries only cheap window tint film or even offers such film, turn tail and run! Whatever you do, don’t go with a cheap film just because it’s the only option, it’s the cheapest option, or because you’re “already there”. These cheap tints will not only look terrible on your windows, but they will cost money to remove when you realize how awful they look!

Research Orlando Window Tint Specialists Before You Go!

Before you make an appointment to get your car windows tinted, do your research. Research local shops to get an idea of experiences others have had at the shop, look at any photographs that are shared by customers of the shop, find out what type of window tint film is offered by the shop and research the types of film to determine which high-quality film is right for you.

After doing your research, don’t be afraid to go down to a window tint shop that you are considering and look around. Ask any questions that you have about window tinting and your needs. Take a look at work that is being done currently and take the time to decide whether you are happy with the work that the shop performs.

Know What You Are Looking For in Window Tint

When you go to get your car windows tinted, know what you want from your window tint film. Knowing what you’re looking for will make sure that you don’t settle for less when you visit local shops. Are you looking for protection against UV rays? Are you looking for privacy? Are you looking for the whole nine yards?

Look For a Shop with Experience

When looking for Orlando window tint specialists, look for a shop with experience. How long has the shop been in business? Newer shops aren’t necessarily bad news – sometimes they just move location! – but shops that have been established for a longer period of time are more likely to be a trusted part of the community. Shops that have been set up overnight are more likely to be fly by night businesses or businesses that have poor service.

Ask Questions and Know the Answers

When it comes to window tint, there are laws in effect that govern how dark window tint can legally be. These laws differ by state and it’s important that technicians working on your car window tint are familiar with local laws. A shop that is not familiar with local laws is not a shop that you should trust with your car. Know your local laws before visiting a car window tinting shop and ask questions when you get there to verify that the shop you have chosen is knowledgeable.

Find Out How Their Window Tint Film is Cut

When researching shops for your car window tint, make sure to find out how the shop cuts their film. A shop that does not offer computer cutting of their films is a shop that you should be wary of. Here at Flying Window Tinting Orlando, we use a computer to cut all of our window tinting films to be sure that your films fit your exact windows. Other types of cutting can lead to misfitting films, mistakes in cutting, uneven cuts, and other errors. You can’t afford to invest in ill-fitting car window tint films, make sure that your tint films are cut to order and not pre-cut in a factory in the middle of nowhere.

Don’t Get Pressured into Anything by Anyone

When you choose to get your car windows tinted it’s your choice. That means that you control the situation. You determine what type of film you get, you determine when you get it installed, and you determine who installs it. Here at Flying Window Tinting Orlando we don’t believe in high pressure sales pitches. We believe that you have the right to choose what, when, and who and we’re more than happy to give you the information that you need to make that decision. Don’t let other companies pressure you into products or services that you aren’t fully comfortable with, let your purchase be your choice!

Looking For Reputable Orlando Window Tint Specialists?

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Heat Blocking Window Tint: What You Should Know About Llumar Air Blue 80

heat blocking window tint

Heat blocking window tint is a real blessing for drivers in Florida. It not only helps to reduce heat damage to the interior of your car, but it also takes some of the workload off your car’s air conditioning system especially during the summer months! If you have decided to or are in the process of deciding to invest in heat blocking window tint for your car though, it’s important to know exactly what you’re investing in. You don’t just want a reputable shop to install your heat blocking car window tint, you also want a top-quality window tint film that will last. Here at Orlando Flying Window Tinting, we use one of the best heat rejection window tints and today we want to tell you a little bit about it!

Heat Blocking Window Tint for Cars: Llumar Air Blue 80

At Orlando Flying Window Tinting we know that when you pay to have your car windows tinted, you are making an investment and like any investment, you want it to pay off. So how does a car window tint “pay off”? That depends on the window tinting film you use. We choose to use LLumar brand window tinting film because it doesn’t just do the job it excels at the job and it outlasts competing window tint brands.

There is a variety of different window tints available through Llumar and we have most of them in stock, but today we want to focus on Llumar Air Blue 80.

Llumar Air Blue 80, the Heat Blocking Window Tint Film

Llumar Air Blue 80 is a clear window tint film that is designed to protect against heat and UV rays without the added tint of colored films. The lack of color in Llumar Air Blue heat blocking window tint film is particularly important because it allows you to cover your windshield without breaking any laws against windshield tinting and it doesn’t impair your view as a driver.

Llumar Air Blue 80 heat blocking window tint is a ceramic technology film that is both non-metalized and non-conductive and it incorporates maximum ultra-violet rejection, rejecting 99% of harmful UV rays! With 43% heat rejection, Llumar Air Blue 80 is micro-thin and can even be installed on factory tinted windows. The lack of tint in this heat blocking window tint film provides excellent clarity for driving in all conditions and scratch-resistant and corrosion-resistant properties give it a much longer life than other window tinting films.

The Skin Cancer Foundation Recommends Llumar Heat Blocking Window Tint!

The technical specs for Llumar Air Blue 80 are important, but if they’re a little over your head and you’re looking for information in terms that are easy to understand, know that Llumar heat blocking window tint is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Granted to sun protection products that meet the specific criteria set out by an independent photobiology committee, the Skin Cancer Foundation’s seal of recommendation lets you know that a product is safe and effective in protecting against UV ray exposure.

How Does Llumar Heat Blocking Window Tint Work?

According to Llumar their clear window film can reduce interior surface temperatures by at least 26° F when a car is parked on an asphalt lot or driving on a warm, sunny day. So, how does Llumar heat blocking window tint work to protect you against UV ray exposure and provide heat rejection properties?

The nature of your car’s windshield means that it doesn’t just allow a large field of vision, but it also lets in incredible amounts of light, heat, and UV rays. While the large field of vision is great for safe driving and the light is important for being able to see through that large windshield, the heat and UV rays that come with that light aren’t necessarily welcome.

Clear window tint for your car works by filtering out heat generating wavelengths from the sun’s rays. Filtering radiation from the sun, heat blocking window tint is able to keep temperatures inside your car cooler while still allowing the permeation of wavelengths that create light to pass through the window. In short, this means that you can still enjoy the great field of vision offered by your windshield and benefit from the light that it allows in. It also means that your skin and the interior of your car are better protected against UV rays that can cause skin cancer and that cause unnecessary wear and tear to your car’s interior.

How Much Heat Does a Heat Blocking Window Tint Film Block?

This is a question we hear frequently, but the truth is that it greatly varies depending on a range of factors. The best way to find out how much heat is rejected by a particular window tint is to ask your car window tint installer. In the case of Llumar Air Blue 80, 43% of the heat that hits your windshield will be rejected leading to drastic reductions in the interior temperature of your vehicle.

What Are the Benefits of Heat Blocking Window Tint?

Heat blocking car window tint like the Llumar Air Blue 80 that we use here at Flying Window Tinting Orlando offers many benefits including:

  • Decreased risk of developing skin cancer
  • Decreased risk of sunburn while driving
  • Decreased risk of overheating while waiting in traffic.
  • No tint means no distortion of your field of vision and no possibility of breaking state laws pertaining to legal tint percentage.
  • Heat rejection properties also protect the interior of your car from damage from the sun’s rays. If you have leather seats, this means less cracking and if you have fabric seats, this means less fading!
  • Shatter resistance is another benefit that comes with adding any high-quality window tint film to your car, making accidents and fender benders safer for everyone!
  • Heat blocking window tint also means that the air conditioning system in your car doesn’t have to work as hard to keep the car cool and that saves you plenty in gas bills and in maintenance fees!

Looking For a Reputable Car Window Tinting Company in Florida?

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7 Interesting Facts You Should Know About Car Window Tinting

car window tinting

If you’ve been considering car window tinting, then you’ve likely been trying to find out as much as you can about the car window tinting process. Well, today we’re dropping by with some interesting window tinting facts that we thought you’d find interesting!

7 Car Window Tinting Facts You Should Know!

1. Spray On Window Tinting Was a “Thing”

From around the time of World War II, all the way through until the 1960’s the only method of “at home” window tinting was a spray on window tint. Designed to emulate the window tint offered by automobile manufacturers, these aerosol solutions were a more affordable means for car owners to get that “factory tint”. The problem was, however, that these sprays were messy and didn’t begin to measure up to a professionally tinted glass. The even bigger problem was the extremely dark tint that spray tinting gave windows and the fact that spray tinting always resulted in uneven and blotchy tint!

2. 1966 Saw the Introduction of Window Tinting Film

It wasn’t until 1966 that window tinting film made its first debut and even then, the tint that was introduced had absolutely no resemblance to the window tint films we use today! It actually absorbed heat into the vehicle it was used on rather than helped to keep the vehicle cooler!

3. The First Car Window Tint Film Was a Disaster!

The first window tinting films that were introduced in 1966 were dye-based tints. This caused more than a few problems when it began changing color once exposed to the sun. In no time at all, window tint would turn from black to purple and it would even begin to bubble and peel off the windows! Needless to say, this type of film didn’t have a very long lifespan at all and many owners found themselves taking off what was left of the film not long after they’d put it on!

4. Car Window Tint Film Version 2.0 Was Also Dye-Based

Despite being a disaster the first time it was released, the second version of car window tinting film also dye-based. Unlike its predecessor, however, the second incarnation of car window tint film also contained metallic particles. Released in the 1990’s, car window tinting film version 2.0 was more of a success than its predecessor based solely on the fact that the metallic particles stopped so much heat from being absorbed into the vehicle. This new film actually absorbed 50% of the sun’s heat and kept cars significantly cooler!

5. Car Window Tinting Film Version 2.0 Wasn’t Perfect, Though

Although the metallic particles in the new version of car window tinting film did reduce the amount of heat that was entering the vehicle, they also sometimes caused interference with electronic signals. This meant that people were experiencing trouble with their GPS units and cell phones.

6. The Newest Car Window Tinting Film Has Made Great Strides!

The newest version of car window tinting film took version 2.0 and improved upon it once again. A few tweaks here and there and car window tinting film version 3.0 brought much more to the table. Not only did this new version offer reduced heat absorption inside the vehicle, it also did not interfere with electronic signals the way that version 2.0 did. Plus, a few more tweaks and this version also offered UV ray protection, so it absorbed UV rays rather than letting them pass through to the interior of the car – great news for your skin as well as your car’s interior!

7. State Laws Governing the Tint Percentage of Car Window Tint Film

The newest version of car window tinting film varies considerably in terms of the darkness of the film itself. The darkness of car window tint soon became something of a status symbol. It became “cool” to have car window film tinted so dark that it was impossible to see inside the car. This pushed states to create laws governing the visible light transmission of car window tinting film.

Visible light transmission (or VLT) refers to the amount of light that is able to pass through the tinted car window. If a tinting film is so dark that very little light is able to pass through the window, it becomes a serious hazard both to the driver of the car and those around them. Not only does very dark window tinting film make night driving particularly difficult for the driver, but it makes it much more difficult for law enforcement to see through the windows of cars and identify drivers. This isn’t just a problem when a car’s driver has committed a crime, it’s equally problematic when patrolling law enforcement are unable to spot drivers who may pose a threat to the community i.e. drivers who are acting suspiciously.

To combat the complications that result from car window tinting that is too dark, various states enacted state-specific laws that determine what percentage of visible light transmission a tint must have to still be considered safe for that state. There is considerable variance in the VLT percentages that are acceptable for each state, for example in Washington State window tinting film has a low VLT of 24% where in California, window tinting film should have a VLT of 88%! In addition, in some states different VLT percentages are permissible for different windows of the car! This is just one reason why you should never allow someone who is inexperienced to apply your car window tint film. A professional and experienced installer is conscious of state regulations and will never put your safety at risk by bypassing those regulations.

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