Flying Window Tinting has been open since 1985. Steven Hopkinson purchased Orlando Flying Window Tinting in 1998. Steven has been window tinting since 1994, that’s 24 years! We have used Llumar film since then. Steven is an owner-operator and inspects each car that leaves our Orlando Window Tinting shop making sure it up to his quality standard.

At Flying Window Tinting we guarantee 100% satisfaction. We specialize in auto tint application and utilize a computer precision cutting system for perfect cuts, every time.It’s a family-run business how do we stress high quality installation and great customer service. being in business the same location for 24 years there has been over 40 window tint shops close over that period . so when we give you a lifetime warranty you know we will be around to honor it.

we strive to give 100% customer satisfaction uninstall only high quality Window Films. when most of my competitors are starting to purchase their window film from Chinese and Indian suppliers to save money. we continue to use Lumar window tint made in America where the quality is 2-3 times better quality then the imported tint. So you can have confidence and our services